My name is xaxa (pr. zä-zä). I’m a freelance web designer and front-end web developer based in Kuala Lumpur (and currently Negeri Sembilan), Malaysia. I design & develop web awesomeness. I like to consider myself, an aspiring designer. I might not be the jack (or maybe..Jill) of all trades, but I am really passionate in making the web a better place. I also design logo, business identities etc.

I’ve been exploring and learning the essence of web since 2005, alongside with my degree(s) and other the vitals that contributes to a sound human being i am today. Now that I’ve graduated, I have all the time in the world to just focus on what I’ve always love to do, designing and developing websites. I’ve started freelancing in 2008 along with my daily job, and this year 2013, I’m officially earning my living as full-time freelancer.

Well, some said, website is just a website, everybody can make one. I do agree with that, but, not everyone could come up with a website that will scream their brand, practical, SEO friendly, and might be able to work by itself, in style. Now, this is where I will come in handy. You might learn that my portfolio is not somewhat groundbreaking, but I’ve really grown and learned a lot. It is safe to say that, I learn new stuff every single day.

I’m all polished and ready to step it up!
And I possess a very strong “I can do it” attitude.
All work and all play

So, to all my clientele-to-be, don’t hesitate to buzz me. I’m always open for new ideas and suggestions. Essentially… Simple, Sleek and Savvy are my repertoire.

Till then, thanx heaps.
Peace out!