One of my websites, www.umyhanza.com has been chosen from 800 entries to the group of 20 finalists by Elegant themes in the “The Customer Showcase Contest”. Unfortunately, I didn’t win as the rest of them are weallyyy weally good…hhmm…it’s okay… i’ll try again next year. In fact, I was somewhat shocked that I was even in the final 20. You can check them out here.

Anyways, ET has come up with a new showcase (Elegant Themes Customer Showcase) page on their website, and yeah, mine’s in it. Thank god.
That’s something! (For me…at least).

Well, that’s all for now peeps. Ah, one more thing, don’t forget to check out my RM 2500 package on WordPress site.


Till then. Take care and have a nice day!
Peace be onto you!