Salam and Hello guys. How are you doin. For those of you lovely people out there who’re still wondering am I still running my freelance business. Yes I am :) .Just a lil busy, lots of things goin on in my life lately.. and they’re all good :)
so…hmmm…I’ve a design concept to sell.
This web concept’s created for a project pitch. Unfortunately, mine wasn’t chosen by the committee because I don’t have experience in developing a website for Real estate/Property developer company. So, I’ve decided to sell this concept to anyone out there who’s interested.

  • Created in August 2014.
  • Logo, images and content are for dummy purposes only.
  • Photoshop Template.
  • Extra charge for web development.
  • Price: Contact me for price.
View design concept



Till then. Take care and have a nice day!
Peace be onto you!